holistic waterway solutions

Water by Design created the Living Waterways Framework to incentivise integrated planning and design of urban water systems.  

Living Water

Protect and enhance our water systems and their environments.

Living Envronment

Protect and enhance natural areas ajacent to waterways.

Living Communities

Create versatile places that enable safe, healthy, inclusive and resilient communities.

Living Local Economies
Provide affordable enduring solutions that are viable to build, use and maintain.
Managing water sustainably

How to maximise the potential value of your waterway investment

Stormwater and waterway management are complex issues that require compromises and trade-offs amongst many competing demands. Living Waterways is an innovative approach with the potential to achieve multiple benefits for all involved. It is intended that this model will evolve and adapt to enable the broadest possible use and application. Your feedback is welcome, as we all continue striving to create sustainable economies, thriving communities and living waterways. 

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Why Living Waterways?
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What is Living Waterways?
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EXPLORING Waterways management

Living Waterways V2 - What's New?

Protect and enhance our water systems and their environments

Resilience Module

There are seven key principles that underpin socio-ecological resilience. LW can help practitioners to analyse and improve the resilience potential of their water management systems. Learn more

Catchment Diagnosis Module

This module builds on the condition assessment module and paints a picture of the overall condition of the catchment. It uses a colour-based triage system to categorise and identify key strategies for the WSUD elements. Learn more

Catchment Condition Assessment Module

In order to appropriately tailor our WSUD interventions to the local context we need to first understand the key parameters in the local catchment including: What are the local values we are trying to protect? What are the hazards and threats? and What are the opportunities to improve net value. This module assists to answer these foundational questions. Learn more

Treatment Plan Module

There are many different types of WSUD interventions that can be applied to a given development ranging from complete source control of hazards to complete offsite / offset solutions. This module allows practitioners to elect a range of different interventions and assess the possible value trajectory for water, environment, community and economy. Learn more