Public Scorecards

As part of the Living Waterways initiative, users have the ability to publicly broadcast the results of their own projects. By establishing the leaders and promoting sustainability credentials, the program will create a catalogue of benchmark projects aimed to aid DA officers and consultants to determine the fulfilment of the subjective Living Waterways elements.

Title Last Update Created Actions
Example - Small Creek, RaceviewJan 14, 2021Nov 5, 2018
Development plan 3GS - LotsOct 31, 2020Nov 20, 2018
Example - Davidson St NewmarketJan 2, 2021Jan 7, 2019
Example - Little McCreadys CreekNov 4, 2020Jan 8, 2019
Spring Cove Estate, ManlySep 18, 2020Sep 17, 2019
Example: Redbank Recreational Reserve WetlandJan 2, 2021Dec 9, 2019